Cookies on Cookie Dough Non-Dairy Sandwiches

Cookies On Cookie Dough Sandwich

Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich 

A new year calls for a fresh take on an old favorite, so switch your usual 'wich for one with a lot more Non-Dairy deliciousness. Two chocolate chip cookies bookend a perfect slice of Cookies on Cookie Dough Non-Dairy happiness that's spread with caramel and garnished with enough goodness to last all of Veganuary.


What You'll Need:

1 pint of Non-Dairy Cookies on Cookie Dough 

A batch of chocolate chip cookies

Caramel syrup

Mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, or other delicious toppings

What To Do:

1. Use a sharp knife to slice your pint of Non-Dairy deliciousness.

2. Make a small slice on one side to cut through the pint container.

3. Sandwich that deliciousness between two chocolate chip cookies.

4. Unwrap your pint slice.

5. Generously spread caramel syrup around your slice, then garnish with your favorite topping.

6. Time to revel in your sweet sandwich-making mastery! And don’t forget to take a big first bite, too.