10 Ways Ice Cream Delivery Can Save Your Barbecue

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Even with the best of planning, a barbecue with friends can run into a couple of problems. From forgetful friends to unexpected guests, there are plenty of issues that may threaten to ruin your outdoor grilling party. Here are a few unfortunate BBQ problems that can easily be solved with ice cream delivery now! 

  1. It was your job to bring dessert to a barbecue…but you forgot. D’oh!

  2. You remembered to bring the ice cream, but you left it in the car, and it’s melted. Oops!

  3. Way more friends showed up than you expected (yay!), and there isn’t enough ice cream for everyone (boo).
  4. No one wants to get out of the pool to run to the store.
  5. You got pushed into the pool, and you’ve got nothing dry to wear to the store.
  6. Someone burned the burgers, and ice cream sundaes for dinner sounds pretty great.
  7. The propane ran out as soon as you fired up the grill (ugh), which is also a great excuse to have ice cream for dinner (sweet!).
  8. Aunt Edith has tried a new cake recipe but, unfortunately, she’s known for only 2 things: the outrageous number of cats she owns, and her lack of baking skills.
  9. You can’t find your keys. They were just right there, but honestly, it’s probably best that you don’t drive right now.
  10. Simply because you can. Whatever reason your BBQ needs ice cream, isn’t it better to enjoy the party and have the ice cream delivered frozen to you with just a call or a click?

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