6 Ways to Get Creative With Your Empty Tubs

Ever finished a tub of Phish Food and thought to yourself, “Hey, maybe this ice cream container could be good for something crafty and creative?” No? Just us?

Around here, we’ve become experts at using our tub containers — properly cleaned, of course — in fun and unique ways. After all, they’re funky, quirky, and remind us of the delightfully euphoric flavour that was once inside.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to get creative with tub containers:


Cat Toys

Cat with cat toy made from a Ben & Jerry's pint

Fluffy may not be able to enjoy your ice cream with you, but she sure can take advantage of the tub container! This cat toy is easy to craft and will keep your kitty companion busy for hours while you dive into your next flavour.


Telephone Game

Person using pints as a telephone

Hello, chunks? Swirls, are you there? Call your nearest and dearest using a homemade tub telephone — and tell them to pass the tub of Netflix & Chilll'd, stat.


Jazz Up Your Pint

Give your tubs a euphoric makeover! Print out these customizable templates, color them in with your wildest design ideas, then cut them out and affix them to your tubs. Who says colouring is only for kids?


Bowling With Pints

Pyramid of pints being used for bowling

All the fun of bowling, without the smelly shoes. Set up 10 clean tub containers and bowl them down with your favourite ball. The best part? Have a scoop of your favourite flavour every time you get a strike!


Pint Planter

Pint containers with succulents planted in them

Tub containers are the perfect size and shape for showing off your green thumb in style. For an added twist, plant your cocoa seedling in a Chocolate Fudge Brownie container — who knows, you might grow a brownie plant.


Early Birdfeeder

Pint of Ben & Jerry's Netflix & Chilll'd used as a bird feeder

This nifty bird feeder design requires only a single tub and a piece of sturdy string. Not bad for a feeder that will bring as much euphoria to the birds as its original contents did to you.