6 Flavor Names That Didn’t Make The Cut

Flavor naming day is always a big to-do around here. We have an extra bowl of ice cream (duh), sharpen our pencils extra sharp, and get ready to brainstorm names for the next epic Ben & Jerry’s flavour.

But, sadly, not every name can make it onto the mix. And a lot of truly hilarious ideas end up on the cutting room floor. These are some of our absolute favourite flavour names that didn’t quite make the cut:

  1. Bob Marley’s One Love was almost called Chunk it Up, but we didn’t think it paid enough respect to the man that inspired the flavour.

  2. Mint…winter…minter! Minter Wonderland came close to falling for the classic rhyming move for flavour naming, but thankfully Minter for the Winter was out-voted.

  3. Topped Strawberry Swirled was nearly called Para-Para-Parad-Ice, but thankfully, not everyone was a fan of that song.

  4. Would you believe Topped Strawberry Swirled had yet another name on the list? Berry Mellow was also thrown out there, but again, the musical direction got nixed.

  5. Our Non-Dairy line was close to having a different name: Almond Dangerous. However, we didn’t want anyone to worry that our Non-Dairy ice cream was anything but delicious.

  6. Our seasonal sweetheart Joy to the Swirled was proposed to be Thrilla in Vanilla, but it really didn’t convey the holiday spirit.