Top Tips on Building a Friendship from Your Sofa!

By now many of us have felt the impact of Covid-19, but for people who are new to Sweden, the stakes and problems arising can be much higher. When there’s an increased feeling of loneliness and uncertainty in society, the need of people coming together - through their distances - have become clearer. Therefor, we wanted to share our friends Nema Problemas top tips on how to build a new friendship from your sofa and encourage you to join one of their buddy programs! 


Nema Problemas main way to foster easy and fun meetings between people with different backgrounds, are their buddy programs, which usually takes place face to face. But as Nema Problemas buddy programs have digitalized, they’ve had to be inventive with ways to ‘’hang out’’, in order for friendships to be built between strangers, through a distance. 

Here's Nema Problemas top picks on activities to do together, and some tips on fun things to do while hanging out in the virtual world. There’re loads to do, and hopefully some of Nema Problemas tips can and expand and brighten up your days as well! 

  • Have an online coffee (or perhaps a scoop of Ice Cream!) with your newfound friend through the online meeting space by your choosing. As we are facing challenging times, sticking to a routine might help with keeping your mood up! ‘’Fika’’ has a huge part in the everyday life in the Swedish society and something you usually enjoy daily with colleagues or friends, keep on the routine online! 
  • Start a book club and with one or several people! Discover events, stories or even worlds through literature and exchange your thoughts over a video chat or phone call.
  • Visit an online museum together! There’s almost endless options when it comes to visiting museums online nowadays. The museum of modern art is one tip!
  • Visit an online theater or opera show! 
  • Hej Främling! organizes a bunch of fun activities online, everything from yoga to game nights. You can find their upcoming online events on their Facebook site 

​Right now, it’s more important than ever before to keep in touch and give support to the community.

If you live in Stockholm and want to reach out a helping hand and at the same time expand your own network, apply to Nema Problemas buddy programs

If you don’t live in Stockholm our fellow friends at Kompis Sverige and Nya Kompisbyrån also offers programs where you get paired up with a new friend that you can meet up with in the virtual world, practice your Swedish and talk to about anything really, no matter where you live in Sweden!

Stay safe and digital! 

*This article is written in partnership with Nema Problema