10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to be Single

 There are plenty of perks to being single, and we’ve got our top 10 reasons to celebrate the awesomeness that is being alone.

  1. You don’t ever need to share your tub.

  2. There’s no argument over which flavour of Ben & Jerry’s to get…you win every time.

  3. You can dig out all the chunks and leave behind the ice cream without fear of getting busted.

  4. You can combine whichever flavours you choose in a judgment-free zone.

  5. It’s perfectly fine if a tear or two fall in your ice cream while watching your favourite rom-com.

  6. You want to mix a little booze with your ice cream? Do it, we don’t think it’s gross.

  7. More to share with your dog (or cat). They love you unconditionally, unlike some people.

  8. Take a spoonful as large as you please; no one can accuse you of taking more than your share!

  9. No clean spoons? You can eat right out of the tub using whatever utensil you want! Really, is there any other way?

  10. Ice cream for breakfast? Yes. You. Can.