10 Situations Made Way Better By Ice Cream Delivery

Do you believe in magic? Because ice cream delivery is basically magic. Virtually wherever you are, you can order up a pint of your favorite flavor to be hand delivered to you, chilled to perfection. If that’s not pure wizardry, we don’t know what is.

And if you’ve ever experienced these 10 scenarios, you know that a little ice cream magic would go a long way. (Need a pint even before you dig into the list? We like your style, order now.)

  1. Your Roommate Won’t Stop Chattering During Your Favorite Show

    It’s hard to talk with your mouth full of Cookie Dough. Slide them a pint and enjoy the show in peace.

  2. Your BFF Is Spilling Some Serious Tea

    She said what?!? Your BFF starts in on a juicy dish sesh, and you know noshing on something sweet will keep the details coming.

  3. You Need To Say You’re Sorry

    You know it was wrong, you’ll never do it again, but still, you need to apologize. Chocolate Fudge Brownie should do the trick.

  4. You Want To Flex For Your Crush

    They mention how much they love Fairway to Heaven, and you basically conjure it from thin air. That’s a guaranteed date.

  5. That Psych Test Isn’t Going To Take Itself

    Ben & Jerry’s is a proven study booster, especially after midnight. (We’ve tested it, it’s true.)

  6. You Realize You’ve Been Ghosted

    You’ve texted them four times, and nothing. You know who always texts back? The Ben & Jerry’s delivery crew.

  7. Somebody Doesn’t Believe Your Pint Prowess

    You’re at a party and some fool doesn’t believe that you can eat an entire pint. You’ve gotta prove yourself.

  8. You’re Waiting In A Long Line

    You know the type: the camp-out-overnight, superfans-only type of line. It’s hard to bring your favorite sweet treat with you, so luckily we’ve got you covered.

  9. The Squad Needs a Milkshake Fix, Stat

    The big game’s on, and the squad wants milkshakes. But nobody wants to volunteer to make an ice cream run. Ice cream delivery saves the day.

  10. You Know You’re Worth It

    Sometimes a trip to the store is just . . . ugh. Treat yourself. You’re worth it.

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