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Love is what we share


At Ben & Jerry’s we believe two spoons are better than one. We also believe that when good things come together, great things happen. Whether it’s the chunks and swirls in our ice cream or people coming together to demand justice for those seeking safety…we think life is better when shared. 

There are so many opportunities to connect with each other every single day. Sometimes we’re too distracted by our screens to see what’s in front of us, but other times, it just feels like there’s an invisible wall keeping us from reaching out. But when we do, when we reach through that divide to share our thoughts and dreams and allow ourselves to really connect, we often realize how much we share.

Those moments that we share and the connections we have with each other? That’s the good stuff in life. Truth is, it’s in the power of people coming together that’s our world’s greatest resource, which got us thinking, let’s do a whole lot more of it, shall we?!

Join us and celebrate our common humanity!

At Ben & Jerry’s, we believe that Love Is…sharing what we have (even our tubs of ice cream). But we share more than ice cream. We all have much more in common than we think we do. That is why, together with our partners Nema problema, Finnish Refugee Council and the Danish Refugee Council we want to bring people together around a scoop of ice cream at our Homecoming events to celebrate our common humanity. During three Saturdays, 21st September in Copenhagen, the 28th September in Helsinki and the 12th October in Stockholm, you can step by our ice cream brunch to listen to some music, play a few games, build new friendships and of course, eat some Ice Cream. Click here for more info! 

Why are we doing this? 

Right now, there are more displaced people in the world than at any other point in human history. As we see more polarized discussions regarding refugees and people seeking asylum, we think it’s more important than ever to take a clear stand on our values, and to give a warm welcome to all those seeking safety. Together with our NGO partners, we want to be a positive voice, building connections between people who are new and more established in the Nordics, by focusing on all that we share as one common humanity. For more information on how you can join local networking initiatives between newcomers and established Nordics in your country, check out our partners and their buddy programs! 

FAQ Love is…
  • The Love Is… What We Share campaign aims to be a positive voice to the more polarized discussions regarding refugee and people seeking asylum in the Nordic countries. We’ve come together with local NGOs Nema Problema, The Finnish Refugee Council and the Danish Refugee Council to host Homecoming celebrations across the Nordics, where visitors can play with the thought on what we share as one common humanity and meet new friends over a cold scoop of Ice Cream. The Love Is…What We Share campaign also aims to inspire our fans to join in local buddy programs, which work to improve the opportunities for people who are new to the Nordic countries by building connections between new and more established people.  

  • Ben & Jerry’s has partnered up with amazing local NGOs who all have specific buddy programs where people who are new and more established in the countries can meet and exchange experiences. There’re so many ways you can join in and contribute, weather it is that you want to learn new dance moves, languages, cook food or simply, just want to connect with new people. Learn more about how each partner's program work on their websites. All our partners work in one of the Nordic countries, strengthening integration in a fun and simple way! If you’re in Sweden go to Nema Problema. If you’re in Denmark, check out The Danish Refugee Council. And if you’re in Finland, find the Finnish Refugee Council!

  • At Ben & Jerry's, we believe that the most beautiful surprises are based on unexpected encounters: that of Ben with Jerry, Zidane with Beckham, Chocolate Fudge with Cookie Dough ... More generally, we think that human connection is the salt of life, or maybe it should be, the pieces of brownie in our Chocolate Fudge ice cream: everyone should be entitled to a friend! There is no need to think for very long to understand that the first thing a newcomer looks for is people with who they can share the pleasures of everyday life, and a lot of people who are more established in the Nordics also want to get out of the metro-work-dodo routine, discover new people and activities, travel without moving. We believe when people come together from different parts of life, it’s not only beneficial for the individual, but it makes whole societies thrive!

  • Are you sure you don’t have time? Like really sure? If you truly are, there are of course more things you can do to create systemic change. Our partner the Danish Refugee Council, have an ongoing campaign, demanding the world leaders to commit to receiving refugees and displaced people and show solidarity with the countries that are currently housing the majority of the world’s refugee and displaced people. Sign the petition here: 

  • At Ben & Jerry's we have always acted for the causes that matter to us, guiding us by our values of justice and fairness. We have acted in favor of climate justice, the rights of LGBTI + people and against racism. We do it because as a company we believe in our role and our power to mobilize people to achieve progressive changes and promote solidarity. In the current European context, we are convinced that we must fight for the rights of displaced people. We are doing it in the United Kingdom defending the right to work of asylum seekers with the campaign "Waiting is not working", in France with the campaign "Melting Pots", which aims to melt the barriers between local people and refugees and in Spain with the "Mixed We Know Better" campaign. If you want to know all the causes that we support, you can read more here.

  • Ben & Jerry’s have been working for several years in Europe to advance rights and facilitate the integration of refugees. For example, since 2017, we have launched the Ice Academy program with partner companies to support and employ part-time contractors who are new in the countries in France, England, Germany and the Netherlands. We also support many associations throughout Europe that work to enable refugees to play an active role in their host society, by gaining access to employment, a fulfilling social life, and welcoming conditions. respectful of human rights.

    Why refugees rather than another audience? We have always supported historically marginalized communities: black communities in the United States, working poor, climate victims, LGBT communities ... Since 2017, we have focused our efforts on refugees, people seeking asylum and newcomers in parallel with our actions for climate justice because we believe that people fleeing war can be great actors for the peace of tomorrow.


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